Survival Shelter Winter Camping in Blizzard – Deep Snow Camping in Alaska

Outdoor Adventure Travel to India’s Irresistible Hill Stations

India’s hill stations, found throughout India, offer a host of outdoor adventure travel activities for families. Beyond stunning scenery, lush green hills and snow-capped peaks, these retreats offer a cool escape from India’s sweltering summer heat.

Legless at Mutianyu Great Wall of China

Hiking the Great Wall of China is a great way to enjoy China and the Mutianyu section is one of the best parts of the wall to hike. This article covers a day hiking Mutianyu and is essential reading for anyone planning to visit the Mutianyu section of the Great Wall of China.

Extreme Crowds at Badaling Great Wall of China

Each section of the Great Wall is different, has a unique character and appeals to different types of tourist. Badaling is the most famous, popular and easy to visit section of the wall. It is also the most crowded, the best maintained and over developed section of the wall.

Maximizing the Experience of Texas Deer Hunting

In Texas, deer hunting offers an exciting opportunity for hunting enthusiasts. With the region’s large population of whitetail deer and game, expert and amateur hunters alike can have a challenging and rewarding experience.

About Cameron Highlands

Situated at the northwestern tip of Pahang, the history of Cameron Highlands tailed back to the late 18th century. The name of Cameron Highlands is after the British Surveyor, William Cameron who first discovered the plateau. In 1925, when Sir George Maxwell was acting as the Resident of Perak, he decided to transform the place to a hill station.

How To Build A Clam Pump and The Sport Of Clamming

If any of you sportsmen or women are even thinking about trying the sport of clam digging, you need to learn how to build a clam pump or you are in for a lot of work. Pumping clams with a clam pump is about a hundred times easier and faster than every other method that I have seen, all of which usually involve that archaic device known as a shovel. There is no need for such a dreaded tool when the clam pump is deployed!

Walking During Your Dartmouth Holidays

Walking can be both a great exercise regimen and a fun leisure activity. You can have a wonderful time walking alone along the town promenade or go walking with the whole family. These are inexpensive ways of having fun while you are on your holiday vacation.

Wasdale – The Crucible Of Rock Climbing In The Lake District

The Lake District is one of the most important climbing areas in the UK. Climbers were attracted by the scale and majesty of the Lakeland crags and it was natural that the Valley of Wasdale beneath the greatest of the Lake District Mountains – Scafell Pike, Scafell and Great Gable – was the original hub for Lakeland climbing.

Italy – History, Art, Culture and Cowboys

Cowboys seldom spring to mind when we think of Italy. Historians might imagine the grandeur of ancient Rome, the Colosseum or the Pantheon while art lovers might be reminded of the Renaissance, Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci or Caravaggio. For others good food and fine wines, pasta or pizza might spring to mind. Spaghetti Westerns are famous and it is common knowledge that some of them were filmed in parts of Italy like Abruzzo. Less well known are the authentic Italian cowboys known locally as the butteri (pronounced bootery) or buttero singular.

Hiking in Palm Springs

Would you like to get your heart pounding, blood surging, senses thrilled, and mind refreshed? And would you like to do this healthy and natural thing for free? Then travel to south Palm Springs, just past the Vons/Eisenhower plaza where you can park your car and head up the mountain. This is a location to hike, jog or bike for those who can climb at least ten flights of stairs. If you need assistance walking then this isn’t your gig and if you’re a couch potato- maybe this might motivate you to get up!

Guide to Richmondshire in the Yorkshire Dales

The Yorkshire Dales are actually a collection of different valleys each with their own distinct features. Richmondshire forms part of the Northern Dales which also contains Swaledale, Arkengarthdale, Wensleydale, Coverdale and Bishopdale.

Cuba Natural Attractions

Cuba is located in the northern Caribbean where the Caribbean Sea meets the Atlantic Ocean. Situated to the south of the USA and the Bahamas, east of Mexico, to the west of Haiti and the Turks and Caicos Islands and north of Jamaica and the Cayman Islands, Cuba has a great choice of beautiful sandy beaches and attractions. Thousands of people visit Cuba every year for their summer package holidays and for their winter sun holidays.

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