TIMELAPSE – Everyday Rig to Overlanding Rig in 2 Minutes.

Are You A Savage?

The Savage Race is a new mud and obstacle outdoor event in the central Florida area. Future race events will be held throughout the US.

Outdoor Activities on Mt Hood

Mt. Hood, located about 50 miles east of Portland, offers residents from around the area the opportunity to explore the beauty of the untouched outdoors. Just about everything you could dream of is possible in the Mt. Hood area: horseback riding, kayaking, hiking, mountain biking, and so many more activities. With such a plethora of options, Mt. Hood is an outdoor enthusiast’s dream, particularly during the peak summer months. Similarly, families can experience the great outdoors together with manageable hikes and easy kayaking adventures thus making Mt. Hood one of the prime adventure destinations within the Pacific Northwest.

Udaipur – The City of Beautiful Hotels and Luxury

Often referred to as the city of dawn, Udaipur is a lovely town surrounding the fresh waters of the Picchhola Lake. It is a royal city which was the capital of the princely state of Mewar for years. The foundation for this city was laid in the year 1557 by Maharana Udai Singh on advice he received from a sage on a hunting trip.

Karwar Beach Resorts – A Blend of Adventure and Inspiration

Karwar is a tourist destination located in the western coast of India, 15 km away from the Karnataka-Goa border and 519 km away from Bangalore. The tranquillity and picturesque ambience of the place has been mentioned in poems by the poet Ibn Batutta.

What Are Your Chances For Severe Weather Today?

Have you ever had the experience of enjoying a beautiful, clear or partly cloudy day in which you felt that the temperature was perfect, the atmosphere was just right and everything felt great outdoors? Suddenly, almost without warning, the sky turns almost black and lightning strikes abound and light up the entire landscape and then rain or first hail falls in sheets.

Rail To Trail Bikeways Skirt Woods And Water

Minnesota has more paved rail-to-trail bikeways than any other state. The Paul Bunyan Trail is the longest paved trail. The trail begins in the Brainerd/Baxter area and connects to The Heartland Trail, Blue Ox Trail and the Cuyuna State Trail, totaling 110 miles from Brainerd to Bemidji State Park.

An Arizona Canyoneering Adventure: Hiking Christopher Creek’s Box Canyon and Ellison Creek Cascades

If you live in here in Arizona then you know that without good A/C and a swimming pool, it’s just too hot! Even though temperatures may be sizzling here in the desert region of the state, you can still get out and enjoy nature and the outdoors. More any other state in the U.S., Arizona is famous for its many beautiful canyons and gorges, many of which can be reached in as little as a few hours drive from the Phoenix metropolitan area. If you’re ready for a real outdoors adventure, and a great summer day trip & hike into one of Arizona’s gorgeous mountain canyons, then check out Christopher Creek’s Box Canyon & the Ellison Creek Cascades, and discover the adventure of Arizona Canyoneering!

Contour Camera – Why Should I Choose This Camera?

For anybody who loves the thrill of extreme sports, a Contour camera is the perfect way to record those moments forever. These hands free cameras can be attached to helmets to record in perfect detail the views seen when snowboarding, skydiving, performing stunts on a bike, or any other activity.

Beijing Travel – The Hutongs

One of the best ways to experience the history and culture of Beijing is to walk or take a rickshaw ride through the cities ancient hutongs. This article describes the hutongs in detail and how best to see them.

Face to Face With a Deadly Tiger

Off the coast of Tasmania, an island state in the south of Australia, are several small islands and rocky outcrops. These islands are the home of the famous mutton birds, the birds that have one of the longest migration trips every year. They travel up the edge of the Pacific past Japan to the tip of the ocean and back down every year and generally end up in the same burrow each year in the sand dunes of the islands. There they lay one egg and hatch out one youngster which they feed by regurgitation of seafood every evening when the parent birds return from a day of feeding.

MAMALLAPURAM – A Beautiful Tourist Spot in India

Recently, I had the opportunity to visit Mamallapuram. It is a small town situated near Chennai in Tamilnadu in India and a bus from Thiruvanmiyur at Chennai can reach Mamallapuram within two hours and by car, we can reach the destination within one hour and 45 minutes It is a good tourist center and is very popular amongst the various tourist centres situated in Tamilnadu. There are a large number of restaurants and lodging houses available at Mamallapuram to cater to the needs of all tourists visiting the place Mamallapuram is situated on the shore of Bay of Bengal and…

Great Outdoor Activities For Everyone

Outdoor activities are great for your mind, body, and all around well being. Being outside and getting fresh air is good for your mental health. The rays of the sun provide you with needed vitamins to help increase a positive mood.

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