Winter Camping & Building 16 Best Shelters (Bushcraft Shelters, Survival Shelters & Quinzee)

Beaches and Other Ways to Keep Cool on Italy’s Hot – Amalfi Coast

Beaches are not a top attraction for the Amalfi Coast, the coastline south of Naples named a World Heritage site by UNESCO in 1997. Its induction has made the preservation of its pristine coastline, historic towns, and terraced rocky mountain roads a top priority for the area. However, being a summertime coastal destination, cooling off somehow, be it at one of the local beaches, hotels, or gorges is a must.

Toddler Plush Sleeping Bag

The weather today seems to have longer cold periods than warm days. Especially for toddlers, it is very important to keep these little ones warm and comfortable during these cold times. Turning on the electric heater all the time might cause your electric bills to soar high so you need to look for alternatives to not only to save on electric bills but also to contribute to the environment.

Browning Sleeping Bags

Browning sleeping bags was founded by a famous designer named John M. Browning. This product has provided good service, reliability and quality for more than 125 years.

The Best Locations in Asia For Watersport Enthusiasts

When people first think of Asia many don’t automatically think of water sports. However, Asia has plentiful opportunities for the water sports enthusiast.

North American Birding Trails

Since their inception in 1996, birding trails now wind throughout the United States. Plan a birding road-trip to somewhere you haven’t been in a while or explore someplace totally new to you.

Nepal Himalayas

Himalayas in Sanskrit means “the abode of the snow”. The Himalayan range is the youngest and highest mountain range in the world and stretches across Nepal, China, India, Bhutan, Pakistan and Afghanistan. Gleaming like a silver majestic fortress, the Himalayas of Nepal boasts of having eight of the world’s highest fourteen peaks over 8000m

Top 7 Destinations For Adventure Sports and Activities in India

India can be dream destination for the adventure lovers. People visit India for its cultural diversity and for exploring the historical past of this ancient land. Diverse topography and landscape of the country has some of the ideal destinations for enjoying adventure activities. List of Adventure sports which can be enjoyed here are not few but endless, you can enjoy skiing, trekking, mountaineering, rafting, camping and the list is endless, you just have to name it and India has what you want. Here I am listing some of the best destinations and must visit places of India for adventure lovers.

Planes, Boats and Automobiles – Diving in Curacao

Safe from hurricanes and close enough to the equator for year-round summers, Curacao offers some of the best Scuba diving in the Caribbean. Curacao is a small island located north of Venezuela known for amazing reef formations and abundant marine life. Dive sites near the island range from open, shallow-water dives to wrecks found in deeper waters.

Mona, Puerto Rico – an Untouched Treasure

Puerto Rico is known worldwide for its pristine beaches and luxury resorts. Travelers come to this Caribbean Island paradise to take advantage of the natural beauty and luxury Puerto Rico Resorts. What many don’t get to experience are the ‘untouched’ natural wonders found in this fascinating country.

Austin Park Profiles – Mount Bonnell

Austin has a number of natural tourist attractions. This article profiles Mount Bonnell a historic park in Austin.

Point Lobos, Jewel of the California Central Coast

On a recent drive up to San Francisco from Los Angeles, instead of taking the grueling, boring, hot I-5 through the central valley, I decided to take the 101 up the coast. It takes a couple of hours longer, but it is so much more pleasant, more scenic and cooler. I couldn’t just pass by the Monterey Peninsula though, without a quick visit to one of my favorite spots on the whole California coast: Point Lobos State Reserve.

Adventures in Peru – Arequipa Seven Summits – Cerro Lucmani

We left my house at a little after 7:00 on Friday morning to drive up to near Hacienda Huambo, the start of climb. However we had only been driving about 15 minutes when we came around a curve to see the road blocked by two men cutting down trees. They had a couple of small eucalyptus trees down across the road and with one axe and one machete they weren’t too swift about getting them cut up enough to move out of the road.

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