WINTER CAMPING: Living in a Tent with my Dog during a SNOWSTORM


Leaving Yuppie Land

I spent most of my life living in the city and doing everything that goes with it, such as; going to the theatre, seeing the latest movies and endless dining in restaurants and the perceived need to keep up to date with fashionable clothing. Therefore, moving to a cottage on a farm in the middles of the South African Swartland was a complete metamorphosis.

Top 3 Bird Watching Holidays in Australia

Bird watching holidays in Australia take birders to varied habitats. They may visit Western Australia, tropical Queensland and sub-Antarctic islands.

Wildlife Holidays in Costa Rica: Bright Birds and Nesting Turtles

Wildlife holidays in Costa Rica take nature enthusiasts to a small but vibrant biodiversity hotspot. They’ll see cloud forests, rainforests and black beaches.

How to Beat Japanese Summer Heat?

You know those times on the train platform where the crowds make you cringe? You are not cringing at the people per se, just the clammy ugginess of the possibility of contact with clammy, sweaty summer skin. Yes, we all share your feelings.

How to Enjoy the Beauty of Nature in Your Favourite Garden

Don’t miss out on the exciting wildlife events of your favourite garden. This articles shows you where to look to get the most out of enjoying nature.

Trekking Magnificent Mountain Gorillas in Bwindi

Long sleeves and long trousers: check. Sturdy walking boots: check. Rain jacket: check. We were looking for the Nkuringo family of mountain gorillas and I was bursting with excitement of seeing real live gorillas in the wild.

Preparing for Camping and Fishing – The Right Way

Planning to go fishing and have no idea about what to include in your list of essentials? This article will prep you for some good times ahead and ensure that you have a whale of time!

What Is Ecotourism and Why Is It Important?

What is ecotourism? Should you be curious about it or is it just a passing fad? In this article we’ll exploring what ecotourism is and isn’t, some common arguments of criticism, and why it’s important. Perhaps you’ve heard or seen the word “ecotourism” or the phrase “sustainable travel” lately and are wondering what exactly it is. It turns out that there are some very specific criteria in the ecotourism definition. Join us to find out what they are.

For The Love Of Luxury Train Travel In India

Luxury is a concept loved and admired by all. The world knows how special being in indulgence is, which is why aficionados invest a lot in securing selective experiences. One such way is to travel on the special luxury trains in India.

Lutsen Resort on Lake Superior

The Lutsen Resort has something for everyone, hiking, camping, fishing, trails, views. It’s a beautiful place that you might not know about, but once you visit, you’ll want to come back again.

Take A Break – Go Fishing

What is a good way to relax? A fishing trip of an afternoon or a couple of days is a good way to get away.

India Trip – Discover The Country’s Architectural Wonders

India was the first in the world to actually begin the largest constructed settlement of its times. Indus Valley Civilization is one of the prime specimens of planned construction and human settlements.

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