Winter Camping on Modified Skiff – Fishing Catch & Cook and Catfishing Remote Rivers

Scafell Pike – A Novice Walker’s Challenge

Although not as popular as walking up Ben Nevis or Snowdon, Scafell Pike is the third highest mountain in the UK, and completes the Three Peak Challenge. Situated in the beautiful Lake District Scafell Pike is a challenge to the novice walker, but will leave you with the feeling of achievement.

Walking Up Snowdon

If you are holidaying in Snowdonia and are moderately fit, climbing Snowdon is definitely something you should consider on your holiday. Out of the three highest peaks in the UK, Snowdon is probably the friendliest for the Novice Walker to climb. Apart from anything else, in the summer months there is a café at the top where you can get a welcome cup of tea – or mug of soup if the weather is cold!

Comparing 1-Day Grand Canyon Float Tours

Do you want to experience the Grand Canyon in an interesting, fun-filled way? If so, then you should consider float tours along the Colorado River. Here are some features that you should look for in such tours…

3 Tips for Camping on the Beach

Everybody loves going to the beach every now and then. Nothing beats the serene experience of watching the blue ocean and the relaxation to be had in being sun kissed. It also allows you to go on a hunt for fishes in the waters as well as build sand castles with the rest of your family. Of course, you want to do more than just that. In fact, you can even decide to go camping with your buddies and relatives out on the beach. Sure, you can always get some proper lodging, but that can never beat having to bask in the great outdoors.

Another Exciting Hot Air Balloon Festival in Pampanga

Thinking of something exciting to spend your pre-Valentine’s Day weekend? Why not head to the Philippine Hot Air Balloon Fiesta in Clark, Pampanga? The festival is said to be the biggest aviation event in the country. Colorful hot air balloons and exciting skydiving exhibitions from the Philippine Air Force, together with their counterparts from ASEAN-member nations and the US Air Force, are the two main highlights of the event.

The Winding Country Lanes of England

Visitors to England, and in many cases those who are life-long residents of the country, are often puzzled as they travel through the countryside by the seemingly illogical and erratic way that the roads and country lanes twist and turn in all directions. You can be travelling in a particular direction one minute, only to find that a moment or two later you are travelling entirely the opposite way for no apparent reason. However, the answer to this conundrum is in fact quite straightforward and lies, like so many things in England, in the country’s rich historical past….

Power Inverters for Trucks – A Multitude of Possibilities

There are numerous advances out there today that have made our lives simpler, and for anyone who has ever found themselves wishing that they could use a device that requires a traditional outlet while traveling, the best solution is to use power inverters. These convenient tools connect to your vehicle’s battery and transform the DC power it provides into the common AC current that all of today’s electronic devices and appliances operate on. No matter what it is you’re hoping to use while on the road, power inverters for trucks can provide the easiest solution for your needs.

Grand Canyon Float Tours Take You Back In Time

Tap your inner-adventurer! Take a Grand Canyon float tour. These trips depart daily from Grand Canyon South and are loaded with “Indiana Jones” moments. This article explains…

Adirondack Trails: Hiking Blue Mountain

Blue Mountain is a favorite among Adirondack hikers. And for good reason! Easily accessible and promising a spectacular view at the summit, Blue makes for a wonderful half-day adventure almost anyone can enjoy.

Toronto Zoo in Ontario Canada

The Toronto Zoo is a great place for an outing with the family where kids can have a great time outdoors as well as learn about nature and animals in different parts of the world. This article will take you on a virtual tour of the zoo so you can know what to expect to help you plan your trip to the zoo.

Jacks Rake Scrambling in the Lake District

Scrambling – Jack’s Rake, Pavey Ark, Langdale Valley, Lake District, UK An idea for a great day out in Langdale scrambling and walking on one of the classics. (for information only, the author cannot accept responsibility for the accuracy of information within, or for any result from following this information). Jack’s Rake is a classic scramble up the side of Pavey Ark.

Kazakh Cyclists Take on the World

If you’re staying in an Almaty hotel, you might be interested in learning a little about Kazakh society. The country and its people haven’t received much media attention in the west, outside of their misrepresentation at the hands of Sasha Baron Cohen, an occurrence that remains a sore point to this day. If you’re travelling to the country, it’s a great opportunity to discover for yourself the beauty and warmth of both the locals and the country as a whole.

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