Winter Camping with Lightest Backpacking Gear in the World – Ultralight Backing Gear Review

US National Parks – Places You Must Visit

There are many national parks within the United States. Certain pieces of land are designated “national parks” by the government whenever there is a particular place that should somehow be remembered and commemorated for its beauty.

Fall and Autumn Foliage Travel Guide

Fall is now upon us and the splendors of fall color are beginning to show. If you are like me you love the fall and autumn colors that the season provides. When the air begins to cool and the days start getting shorter, you know it is right around the corner.

Enjoy a Relaxing Vacation Getaway at Lake Michigan

Enjoy a relaxing vacation getaway at Lake Michigan, the second largest Great Lake which is entirely within the United States. Approximately 307 miles long and 118 miles wide, this famous Michigan lake is an ideal vacation spot for a romantic and relaxing lake getaway, offering more than 1,600 miles of beautiful shoreline and lakefront beaches for recreational and water sport activities.

Alabama Gulf Coast Offers Action-Packed Adventures

For some the white sands are enough for enjoyment on the Alabama Gulf Coast. Others prefer white-knuckle adventure. Good thing the area has plenty of both to offer.

Walks in Pitlochry Area

Ben Vrackie rises to the height of 2757ft and gives excellent views of the surrounding mountains and the surrounding moorlands. The best place to start your Ben Vrackie walk is at Moulin. A clearly marked path alongside a stream, under towering trees carries on up to the deer fence, which must be crossed at the stile point.

An Overview of the Most Enjoyable State Parks in Nevada

Are you planning to explore Nevada state parks this year? Perhaps you have in mind an upcoming trip to Las Vegas and want to get away from the hustle and bustle of the busy city for a day or two?

An Arctic Adventure – Exploring Baffin Island

Iqaluit was the landing point for our charter and as we toured around in 3 school buses, it seemed to me to be quite a desolate place – my impressions emanated from its ocean-edge location, the billowing shrouds of dust as well as the worn-out looking buildings and homes. There was a strange feeling of abandonment emphasized by our visit to the “Road to Nowhere” – a peculiar focal point to show visitors. The town had grown up during the days of commercial whaling and then the fur trade, however when this market crashed in the 20’s, the …

Ethiopia – Blue Nile & Lalibela

A head-spinning adventure in Ethiopia. Touring the Blue Nile and Lalibela is such a contrast to home it is incredible.

A Guide to Whale Watching Seasons

Whale watching is a great way to experience marine life up close and personal. Whale watching first began in the mid 1950’s when the Carbrillo National Monument in San Diego was allowed for public viewing of Gray Whales. After this whale watching spread throughout the nation like wild fire. Various locations are great hot spots for viewing many different species of whales.

The Magic of Bandhavgarh National Park

Are you one of those wildlife enthusiasts who simply love visiting wildlife sanctuaries, national parks and tiger reserves? If yes, then chances are that you must have heard the name of the Bandhavgarh National Park. Bandhavgarh National Park, the name at once conjures up the image of a national park which is rich with flora and fauna of many varieties and which boasts of the pride of the jungles-the tigers.

Searching For the Great Tibetan Sheep

Stamping on a frozen ground to warm up our feet, we patiently waited for the sun on an early morning in Khemer valley of the proposed Gya-Miru Wildlife Sanctuary. I was tormented by the vision of a crackling bonfire. The temperature had plummeted to -23oC the previous night in the windswept valley of Khemer at 4500 m asl. Tibetan argali, the largest sheep in the world, was what we were after.

Unique Last Minute Fall Foliage

This is a family run ranch and it has all the comforts of a luxury mountain resort, fly fishing is near by and there is even a drive-in movie theatre close by. The tents not your everyday camping tents, these are luxury, comfortable tents that come with even king size beds with upscale bedding.

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