WINTER Construction: How to Build a Shower in a DIY Travel Trailer Heated with a Wood Stove

4 Top Parks in Atlanta to Visit

Atlanta is home to many beautiful parks for visitors and residents to enjoy. A Perimeter hotel shares their pick on the 4 top parks in Atlanta to visit.

Outdoor Summer Activities – Do You Want to Enjoy Nature This Summer?

Summer is the perfect time for many different activities. If you are looking for outdoor summer activities there are quite a few to choose from.

Exploring Philippines Through Kayaking

Another booming outdoor recreation in the Philippines is kayaking. More and more people, including foreign tourists in the country, are getting hooked to this aquatic sport. With more than 7,000 islands, the Philippines is indeed a perfect destination for kayaking enthusiasts.

Top Benefits Your Kids Can Get From Wooden Swings

Having a swing set for your kids is not just for pure fun. It brings with a whole lot of benefits contributing to the well-being of your kids.

Folding Lawn Chairs Perfect For Those on the Move

Folding lawn chairs are the perfect chairs for a wide variety of places, events, and situations. Do you have the right type for your needs?

Outdoor Gazebo Types

Gazebos are free standing structures typically placed in garden locations for decoration and as a center piece for special occasions and functions. They can be built in several different ways, in different sizes, and using a variety of materials, according to the needs and preferences of the person having them built.

Screen Gazebo – A Great Outdoor Addition

If you are looking for a way to better enjoy the outdoors this summer, then the answer is to find the right supplies. If you are a sporty kind of person, then you will want to look for sporting goods, such as fishing poles and hunting equipment.

Kerala Tours – Explore Beach and Backwater Tourism

Have you ever visited Kerala in India? If you haven’t, you must visit this beautiful and wonderland. Kerala is a charmingly beautiful Indian states situated alongside the azure Arabian Sea in southern India. Also known as the God’s Own Country, this beautiful Indian state has been today one of the most preferred holiday destinations in the country. Tourists and vacationers from all over the world come here to spend their vacations and explore its unmatched beauty powered by beaches, backwaters, lakes, houseboats, spice plantations, hill stations, lush greenery, etc.

Biome – Distinctive Group of Living Beings in World Around Us

Ecologically speaking, biome is one of the regional groups of animals or plants that have distinctive characteristics of its own. Planet earth has divergent environments. Such variations are in temperature, light, moisture contents, and multiple other factors. In each of these environments some different form of life has developed. Each of these developments has created complex communities containing individual organisms.

The Wild Side of Gran Canaria Holidays

Gran Canaria is famed for its wild side, and I am not talking about its touristy hot spots. I mean nature, and getting out into it. Find out what is beyond the confines of Las Palmas.

Buying Tips For Four Piece Fishing Rods

Four piece fishing rods are great space-savers, easy to assemble, and convenient to bring on any place you plan to fish. As what the name suggests, these are made up of four rod parts that are connected by ferrules (male-female connectors). There are so many types of four piece rods today that there’s bound to be one that you’ll really find appealing.

Hammock Stand in a Tree – Hammockzzz

The Hammock stand in a tree is called the Hammockzzz. The Hammockzzz is the answer to all of your needs when it comes to hanging up a hammock in your yard. No longer will you need two trees in your yard to put up your hammock.

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