Winter Truck Camping and Solar Power – What You Need to Know – Jackery 1000 SolarSaga Panel Review

Explore Bastions of the Past – Bhimbetka – Sanchi – Khajuraho

As we made our way from Bhopal to check out the three UNESCO World Heritage Sites of Bhimbetka, Sanchi and Khajuraho, we were transported to an era gone. From soft and appealing Bhopal, we travelled to Bhimbetka, about 47 km south of the state capital. Bhimbekta’s almost arid contours presented a startling contrast to the languid urban charm of the City of Lakes.

A Good Entry

Those whose entry into the world of birding or any field where the use of a good binocular is required are often confused by the variety of offerings by the various optic companies no matter from where one hails. Added to the confusion is all the terminology thrown at you. So true is this that it’s a wonder that anyone gets started. Yet, with a little information one can begin a lifelong enjoyable endeavor.

Interview With James Kiptoo, Birding Guide in Kenya

Kenya is home to about 1089 species of birds because the right habitats exist for all these birds. Kenya is a flyway where birds from Eastern Europe, as far as Siberia, migrate. In Kenya there are places called IBAs – Important Bird Areas which are selected for particular endemic species, of which Kenya has quite a number. These area are found in forest, desert, savannah and the coastal regions.

Sunny Side Up at Leeds

Like all of UK, Leeds is steeped in history and culture. Its earliest memory is said to be back in the 5th century. It grew to prominence during the industrial revolution. A distinct advantage that Leeds has is its great outdoors that open up opportunities for a slew of activities.

Bike Helmets – Cycle Safety Equipment

The uber-cool biking head gear: The helmet you wear while biking is a real beauty, isn’t it- full of vents, comfortable, aerodynamic and light! Read the following article to find out more about bicycle safety and related equipment.

Perfect Aruban Places For Vacation With Children

Aruba has so many vacation places and entertainments for adults, but what about the children? Many families go on vacations together these days which mean more attractions are necessary for children. Rides, games, kid-friendly hotels and restaurants. In Aruba, that also means keeping an eye on your children at all times as they’re almost always around water. Make your trip to Aruba not only a safe vacation, but one your children will remember forever.

What Are the Best Ski Helmets on the Market in 2014?

The news that Formula One superstar Michael Schumacher is in a coma after his recent accident while skiing proves that the sport is dangerous as well as fun, but the fact that he is still alive is down to, according to his doctors, the ski helmet he was wearing. With this in mind, we take a look at the best ski and snowboarding helmets for 2014. The Talon Helmet The Talon snowboard helmet from Anon has a Boa 360 fit system to help make the helmet more comfortable for snowboarders.

Rigging for the New Year

It’s the beginning of the New Year, and I know it’s cold outside. ‘Tis here in the South, far worse in the North. Yet, I know many of us are ready to take to the field or are contemplating plans to do so. We turn to checking our equipment and making sure it’s ready or deciding to go for something better. After all, we are desirous of the best experiences we can have and share with our fellow and intrepid travelers. How shall we rig for the adventures of this brand new year?

Things You Need to Bring and Do When Exploring Outdoors

Whether you are exploring for just a day or hiking for several days, there are some things that you need to bring with you to be prepared for a variety of situations. Without these items, survival in an emergency situation would be challenging or impossible.

Show Caves of the Southeast, Russell Cave

Russell Cave was first excavated by the Tennessee Archaeological Society 1953 – 1955, and again by the Smithsonian Institution 1956 – 1958. Russell Cave was declared a National Monument by President John F. Kennedy on May 11, 1961. The final excavation was by the National Park Service in 1962. It was determined that the cave was used regularly from 6200 B.C.

The Essential Safety Equipment for Skiers and Snowboarders

If you are heading to the slopes over the festive season or in the New Year then one of the most important aspects of your skiing or snowboarding holiday is keeping safe and not getting injured. To avoid getting injured before or during your holiday, skiers and snowboarders alike must prepare properly and this is not just about getting fit and exercising, it is also about purchasing products that will help protect you against falls and crashes on the piste as well as equipment that will help if you ever get lost in the mountains. So…

10 Best Places To Visit In Udaipur

Here is the list of best places in Udaipur where you should visit when you come to Udaipur. It contains 10 best places in udaipur.

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