Wolf Ripped my Tent open at Night while I was Camping on the Shore of Lake Superior…

Running With the Wild

When you read these facts about how to be safe while being in the wild, you will always be prepared when you go in the bush. Animals in the forest, bush or woods can surprise you and be very dangerous. Here are some easy steps to take when you are running in the wild.

Croatia Travel – Nature Park Kopacki Rit

Croatia has ten nature parks and 8 national parks which provide great possibilities for day trips during your vacation. Find out more about the Croatian nature park Kopacki Rit where you will find numerous plant- and animal species.

Nova Scotia’s Beaches – How They Are Different

Nova Scotia’s beaches can be roughly divided into two types: too cold to swim, or warm enough to swim. The beaches on the southern coast as well as those on the bay of Fundy, have proven themselves to be too cold for the average person to swim in.

The Charm of Lonavala Hills

Lonavala is a hill station situated in the Maharashtra State. It was declared the Sahyandri Mountains’ Jewel. This is one popular gateway of Mumbai and Pune.

Freycinet Peninsula – A Tasmanian Treasure

My first visit to Freycinet National Park, in Tasmania, Australia’s beautiful island state was disappointing! Why? Because all walking tracks were closed.

Don’t Archive – Adopt!

A lot of geocachers who own caches will resort to archiving it if they find themselves unable to take care of it. However, there are several cachers who would suggest the better overall route: adoption. If able to find a suitable cacher to take over one’s cache then everyone is extremely happy. Read more to find out…

Udaipur Great Lakes

The Udaipur has a lot of lakes with great views. Here are some information about the lakes. Try to explore them.

Cache In, Trash Out

It is crucial that when we are out caching that we do our due diligence and help the environment at least a little bit. It does not hurt to CITO while in the woods searching for caches because we are only making it better for the next cacher. We can only hope that the cachers before us are doing the same. Read more to find out…

The Beautiful Oregon Coast

The Oregon Coast is a beautiful place to take a vacation. There are beautiful beaches, relaxing surroundings and lots of things to do. Read this article to find out more information.

Outdoor Excitement

Being outside is one of the many reasons that people go on trips. You have a change of scenery but you also have a change of all of your senses. If you are from a cold state and go on vacation in Arizona, everything is different.

Birds – Birding Trails Are Exciting For Kids on Vacation

Why do you take your kids on vacation? You want to get away from the rat race, and having fun along the way is a bonus. Is that how you plan family vacations? Try a different approach this year. Focus it on an outdoor activity that will engage everyone. Here’s a suggestion… focus your family vacation on birding trails. You don’t have to be an avid bird watcher, either. They offer a unique opportunity to your children and to you as parents (grandparents, too). A family vacation focused on birds offers a unique opportunity to strengthen family dynamics. As a parent, engaging your kids on vacation with a common goal is enormously rewarding. As a birder, visiting birding trails will hopefully spark an interest in bird watching in your kids. Isn’t it amazing how such a little ball of fluff can have such a powerful effect on your family?

The Art of Urban Caching

Trying to urban cache during the day with little to no success? There is an easier way to accomplish these caches: night time caching. Read this article and find out the most successful way to get as many of these high muggle caches…

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