Go On Your First Solo Camping Trip

Your First Solo Camping Trip

Different Types of Picnic Coolers

Depending upon your needs when you head out picnicking, it’s important to know what the different types of picnics coolers are. With the high summer heat, your food can quickly get spoiled in no time flat. No one enjoys mushy fruit or wilted yellow greens.

Sometimes the Bear Will Greet You

At some point between the signing on the dotted line and the actually moving in to my beautiful, if somewhat ramshackle new home in the Catskills, I became aware of the fact that I was going to have to share paradise with Ursa Americanus, the Black Bear. Actually the awareness came upon me gradually.

Matching Your Picnic Table Cloth With Your Picnic Theme

Matching your picnic table cloth with your picnic theme can seem like an unnecessary stress added to an event that already requires a bit of planning. However, these accessories can serve as festive decorations and practical tools to help you clean up. Matching your picnic table cloth with your picnic theme is an excellent way to create a complete atmosphere.

Types of Picnic Chairs

For many people, sitting on the hard ground is no way to relax on a beautiful summer day, while enjoying fresh seasonal food. There are several types of picnic chairs that you can learn about that will provide great comfort for your next picnic.

Top 5 Picnic Activities For Adults

As an adult you can still have a lot of fun when you head out picnicking with a variety of things to keep you occupied as you enjoy the wonderful weather as well as the food. Learn the top 5 picnic activities for adults to ensure a great time for everyone.

That Guy With the Cold Steel Fixed Blade Knives

Why is it that every time I go camping there is always that one guy – that guy who seems to know everything about the outdoors and has the equipment to survive in any situation that doesn’t involve nuclear fallout of some kind? The last time I went out on a weekend excursion I was accompanied by about five other people. I knew most of them, and we were all well versed in the outdoors, but not what you might call “outdoorsy.” That is, except for my brother’s friend’s cousin who joined us this weekend.

Isn’t Life a Beach?

No matter whether your trip is a few hours away or just a short drive, being fully prepared will make your day at the beach a great success! The beach is a great place to get away without having to plan too much ahead of time. There’s not much too pack…

A Wet Trip on the Famous Routeburn Track

This overseas adventure travel site is about finding that idyllic corner of the world and information sometimes overlooked by those seeking an outdoor adventure travel experience. Natural history, photography and differing cultures are featured and as experienced professionals we give recommendations and tips on travel, hiking and camping and on what gear to use and where to buy it.

The Dartmoor National Park, Devon

Things to do in one of the UK’s most spectacular regions, The Dartmoor National Park. Visitors receive a warm welcome, good food and hospitality, whilst enjoying a variety of outdoor activities.

Enjoy the Season

The fall season has arrived. Leaves are starting to drop and others are stating to change colors. Nights are cool and crisp which makes for good sleeping. Are you getting out to enjoy this?

Top Tips For Choosing Outdoor Clothing

When you decide on camping, trekking or even walking the weather can become changeable and unpredictable as we all know. Choosing the correct outdoor clothing is not only going to keep you dry and warm, but will help you enjoy your outdoor activity.

Backpacking – Why Internal Frame Backpacks Are Fantastic

The most valuable piece of equipment you can buy for trekking, hiking or outdoor expeditions is your backpack. It is vital to choose the correct backpack for you as it carries all of your supplies for your trip. An internal frame backpack is a popular choice and offers numerous benefits.

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